Tailormade VIP Day with systemic coaching

You will take a 1st big step in my executive VIP Day, and return to being in charge of your life and authentic overview.

Your question and your time are precious and you have a important question that has been on your mind for some time or has emerged recently

You'd like to talk to an experienced systemic coach about this on short notice, so you can take a first important step.

For your questions and goals as well as your time are precious You want to go home after a VIP Day with a clear 4D-System Analysis® and practical tools for the realisation of your goals and knowing how to integrate them

And you would like to experience other dimensions of your personality, finding out-of-the-box solutions as well as integrating the power of both reason and imagination.

You hope to become inspired during an intensive VIP Day, developing more insight about yourself and your (subconscious) interactions with your surroundings, more than you had imagined possible.

In order for you to take a first and very significant step that will help you recognise your unique blueprint in enabling you to make authentic and meaningfull decisions.


A clear 4D overview during a VIP day

Gain fresh inspiration, deep understanding and the tools for fast results with a VIP day of 4D Systemic Executive Coaching®.

Program for your VIP Day

A free personal video call is used to clearly visualise your personal or professional goals in the preparation to your VIP Day

A fitting date and a suitable location for your VIP Day will then be determined. You can attend either our atmospheric centre Arte dell'Anima, or a setting near to where you live.

In the morning of the VIP Day (start 10.00 am), the 4D-System Analysis ® provides clear insight into your unique blueprint of progress and stagnation that influence your personal or professional goals

After a delicious lunch, you will learn how to use different parts of your personality, experience out-of-the-box solutions and to combine the power of reason and imagination to recharge your energy.

At the end of the VIP Day (16:00) we will evaluate the results in relation to your goals. We will also detail the key insights and action points that can be directly implemented.

After the VIP Day, we schedule a follow-up session ( via video call) lasting 60 minutes.

You will take a big step in your VIP Day, re-claim control of your life and experience sustainable changes

You have a burning question. That might have been on your mind for some time, or could have arisen more recently.

You'd like to talk to an experienced systemic coach about this on short notice, so you can take a first important step.

At this point of your life, you are not thinking about more intensive coaching
If so, my VIP Day is a great choice.

My mission is to empower creative, driven and entrepreneurial people with deep insight into the systemic dimensions that contribute to personal happiness, success and meaning.

Ewoud Dekker - A Brief Overview:

More than 35 years ago I graduated cum laude as a clinical psychologist, and a few years thereafter I completed the psychotherapy specialisation as a systemic therapist

Based on my broad interests, I have worked in all areas of my profession with a wide variety of clients and questions. While working as a psychologist, psychotherapist, executive coach and trainer.

Due to my belief in the uniqueness of each person, I always deliver tailor-made solutions, working with all possible theoretical approaches and methods.

In 2006, I had the pleasure of meeting my wife and colleague Marian de Neef, and from our shared vision, we were able to develop our own unique methodology, which we call 4D-system therapy®.
We opened our holistic centre for personal and professional retreats, training and systemwork Arte dell' Anima in 2008


Ewoud Dekker - A Brief Overview:

My VIP Day is a great choice if you need short-term in-depth understanding of both yourself and your interactions with your environment.

Your bespoke VIP Day will provide you with a deep understanding and the tools you need. I support your process through a follow-up.

  • You may feel the need to deepen your achievements after the VIP Day. Or you would like to be coached over a longer period of time, whereby your progress is integrated, transforming your daily life and work


  • In that case, an Executive systemic trajectory or Retreat might be a good investment to integrate your new skills.
    Also then you will continue to work one-on-one with Ewoud Dekker. And you have all the tailor-made guidance for your personal, professional or systemic questions and goals.

1 on 1

Gain deep self-awareness and insight into your interactions with the world around you. Uncover in a VIP Day valuable knowledge and actionable strategies tailored to address your specific questions.

Executive Retreat

This multi-day executive systemic retreat is a great choice if you want a transformational boost to unlock your true potential in a very short time.

Executive trajectory

In my Executive Systemic Trajectory you will receive tailor-made one-on-one, goal-oriented executive coaching over a mutually determined period.

Interactive Presentations

Ewoud Dekker MSc provides inspiring lectures and interactive presentations for organizations, government and business, about the "Blueprint of Happiness"