lectures & interactive presentations :The psychological Blueprint of Happiness, success or adversity

Changing Dimensionalities.

My mission is to provide an insight into the psychological dimensions of our systemic blueprint that contribute to our happiness, success or adversity.

Authentic, personal & inspirational.

Drs Ewoud Dekker provides inspiring lectures and interactive presentations for organisations, government and business. With 35 years of experience, he is the inspired speaker in the broad field of psychological and systemic change processes as well as transitions.

As a speaker, Ewoud Dekker always knows how to touch and inspire people. In his lectures, he is authentic, personal and impassioned.

A storyteller pur sang, who knows how to connect. He does so with integrity and seriousness, while being light-hearted, playful and full of humour. He will inventively explore each subject from different angles together with the participants.

His systemic, circular view of the human being, of life, of work and of the world is ever present.

Each lecture or presentation is tailor-made and designed to address the specific questions and issues at hand.


Co-founder of Arte dell' Anima | Psychologist | Psychotherapist (BIG) | 4D-System Coach® | Trainer | Executive coach | Poet Ewoud Dekker

Owner of Arte dell' Anima | Psychologist | Psychotherapist (BIG) | 4D-System Coach @| Trainer |Executive coach |

New Times are calling for a new holistic and circulational vision of systemic coaching that will do justice to your personal story, in an ever-changing world

Out of the box, boundary breaking & connecting interactive presentations

If you're not afraid to look beyond the obvious, and if you embrace an out-of-the-box perspective, then you are warmly invited to explore beyond familiar boundaries. Open yourself up to new insights and connect with a world of possibilities.

With his artistic, eloquent, and vibrant personality, Ewoud Dekker guarantees a unique experience that will leave a lasting impact on your thoughts and emotions. His interactive presentations are captivating for anyone interested in a fresh outlook on psychology and psychotherapy, systemic work, coaching, circularity, and the power of rationality and imagination.

In addition, Ewoud Dekker consistently addresses current social issues, skilfully interweaving them with compelling examples and stories from his extensive practical experience. Sometimes unconventional, sometimes moving or captivating, but always fascinating, his presentations are driven by a deep personal commitment.

Each presentation takes you on a journey of discovery, growth and connection,

Out of the box, boundary breaking & connecting interactive presentations

1 on 1

Gain deep self-awareness and insight into your interactions with the world around you. Uncover in a VIP Day valuable knowledge and actionable strategies tailored to address your specific questions.

Executive Retreat

This multi-day executive systemic retreat is a great choice if you want a transformational boost to unlock your true potential in a very short time.

Executive trajectory

In my Executive Systemic Trajectory you will receive tailor-made one-on-one, goal-oriented executive coaching over a mutually determined period.

Interactive Presentations

Ewoud Dekker MSc provides inspiring lectures and interactive presentations for organizations, government and business, about the "Blueprint of Happiness"