Executive Intensive Systemic retreat

Full focus one-to-one coaching, combined with a relaxing environment, will help you to take a big step forward in your personal and professional development.

As a creative, engaged and entrepreneurial person, you are part of a beautiful but complex world and well aware that it is important to live, decide and act in an authentic way.

You are looking for a tailor-made, intensive retreat that will provide you with deep insights and unlock your true potential.

So what would it be like to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in my executive intensive retreat, getting exclusive attention for the matters that concern you?

With tailormade one-to-one 4D-System Coaching® by a senior expert, specialised in identifying the root cause of complex problems very quickly and providing the appropriate solution.

Allowing you in shorter periode than you imagined, even when previous coaching did not offer sufficient results To experience a transformational boost. to unlock your true potential.

My multi-day executive intensive retreat is designed to give you guaranteed profound self insight and immediately applicable tools that will help you break obstructive patterns so you can live and work authentically.

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I am happy to reserve an hour for a personal meeting and questions. This way we can get to know each other and discuss which tailor-made offer best suits your goals.

Door in een executive retreat je systemische blauwdruk van patronen te herkennen en doorbreken ontdek  je nieuwe ruimte in je innerlijke wereld

Rest and relaxation through an executive retreat

At our own retreat centre, Arte dell'Anima,  we combine senior 4D System coaching with the space and deep experience of a multi-day executive retreat.

Using the power of the 4D Systemic® approach, we work individually with the blueprint of your stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions.
We will quickly get to the heart of the problem you face or the goal you want to achieve.

And break through patterns that hinder you from living and working authentically. Afterwards, a number of video meetings provide further integration of the results.

Followed by a Video Sessions follow-up

Your tailormade Executive Retreat includes a follow up

A series of video calls will help you to embed improvements and support your process.


You might recognise the following questions.

How can I create the space to develop an authentic leadership style? And how can I foster effective team relationships, stay inspired and maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Is there an effective method that I can use to break free of the obstructive patterns that are standing in the way of my personal and professional development?

Or sometimes I run up against the limits of my abilities and notice that I no longer function full of energy, relaxed and creative. It is often difficult to see what my contribution or position is, making me experience less fulfilment, meaning and pleasure.

And most of all, how can I stay in touch with a world that is constantly changing and contribute to it in a meaningful way?

An Executive Retreat with Ewoud Dekker will change the way you think about how to grow, both personal and professional.

You will learn to mobilise other dimensions of your personality


As new times call for a new approach to coaching and therapy that respects your unique story and experiences on your journey.

And the perceptions, solutions and tools for personal issues must also be in tune with the pace and colour of today.

Together with my wife and colleague Marian de Neef, I developed a 4D Systemic® method that works with the blueprint of your stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions. And started a centre for systemic retreats in 2008.

As a result, you will learn to use other dimensions of your personality, seeing out-of-the-box solutions and unleashing the power of both reason and imagination.

You will learn to mobilise other dimensions of your personality

It is my mission to give creative , engaged and entrepreneurial people deep insight into their systemic dimensions that contribute to personal happiness, success and meaning

Ewoud Dekker - A Brief Overview:

More than 35 years ago I graduated cum laude as a clinical psychologist, and a few years thereafter I completed the psychotherapy specialisation as a systemic therapist

Based on my broad interests, I have worked in all areas of my profession with a wide variety of clients and questions. While working as a psychologist, psychotherapist, executive coach and trainer.

Due to my belief in the uniqueness of each person, I always deliver tailor-made solutions, working with all possible theoretical approaches and methods.

It is my mission to give creative , engaged and entrepreneurial people deep insight into their systemic dimensions that contribute to personal happiness, success and meaning

Retreat center Arte dell' Anima offers you room for personal and professional development

Purity, comfort and inspiration

During your Executive Retreat, you will spend several days in the personal and warm atmosphere of Arte dell' Anima's Guest House.
That part of our overall concept gives you the space, comfort and privacy to work on your goals in all peace and quiet.

Spacious rooms with private facilities

This allows you to experience and integrate your Next Level development in a safe relaxed setting.

Our accommodation rooms are particularly spacious and comfortable and equipped with a private bathroom and toilet. Wifi is available.


The accommodation provided by the Centre Arte dell'Anima offers comfort, tranquillity and space

Experience the warm atmosphere of our specialised Centre for Retreats with 4D-Systemic Coaching.

1 on 1

Gain deep self-awareness and insight into your interactions with the world around you. Uncover in a VIP Day valuable knowledge and actionable strategies tailored to address your specific questions.

Executive Retreat

This multi-day executive systemic retreat is a great choice if you want a transformational boost to unlock your true potential in a very short time.

Executive trajectory

In my Executive Systemic Trajectory you will receive tailor-made one-on-one, goal-oriented executive coaching over a mutually determined period.

Interactive Presentations

Ewoud Dekker MSc provides inspiring lectures and interactive presentations for organizations, government and business, about the "Blueprint of Happiness"