A transformational vision of the blueprint of happiness

My mission is to empower creative, driven and entrepreneurial people with deep insight into the systemic dimensions that contribute to personal happiness, success and meaning

We live within the world, the world resonates within us. My 4D Systemic Vision about "Google Subconscious"

"Google Subconscious"

With our physical body, we experience the external world around us. At the same time, we experience a parallel reality. This reality cannot be perceived with our physical senses

Call it strange, but this reality, which lives in our inner world, has a much greater influence on our thinking, feeling and acting than we normally believe.

What is the reason? It is from this inner world that we give meaning to the experiences of our lives. As human beings this provides us with the ability and the need to give meaning to our very existence.

My 4D-systemic way of working focuses on this inner world, which is mostly subconscious and holds a treasure of creativity, imagination and solving capabilities.

That is what I call "Google Subconscious". We cannot change the things that happened in our lives; the meaning we give to them defines how we experience them, which is something we can change. Therefore, changing inner dimensions, changes ourselves and the parallel event.

This is the reason for me, that the unseen reality is at least as important as the visible one. Connecting both realities is essential for me as a coach, psychotherapist and poet.

My 4D-systemic approach focuses on this inner world

If you want to continue to develop as a leader, it's not enough just to change your mindset

What you need is a transformative vision that provides deep insight into your unique systemic blueprint.

I understand that as a creative, driven and passionate entrepreneur, living and working from authenticity is important to you.

This is often challenging in today's ever-changing world.

Especially if you believe that everything is connected and that the sum is greater than its parts. Then it is important to know what your core competencies are, both as a person and as a leader. And how they can create a sense of happiness and purpose in all the areas of your life.

Probably you already experienced that just a different mindset is not enough to experience the personal dimensions that contribute to happiness, success and meaningfulness.

What you need is a transformative vision that provides deep insight into your unique systemic blueprint.

This helps you to experience and perceive the world differently, removing the power of limiting beliefs and cognitions, and to embody what is meaningful and fulfilling for yourself.

When navigating life's challenges, it is possible to experience connection, freedom and space.  

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Ewoud Dekker - A Brief Overview:

I am Ewoud Dekker and gratefull for all the beautyifull people I worked in depth with in the past 35 years as a cum laude graduated psychoanalytic therapist, systemic therapist trainer and owner of a center for retreats

Based on my broad interests, I have worked in all areas of my profession with a wide variety of clients and questions.

I believe in the unique qualities of every individual, and therefore, always provide personalized solutions, drawing upon a wide range of theoretical models.

The 4D System Vision developed by our team serves as the guiding force, offering a holistic view akin to a helicopter, connecting all the pieces together.

I am fully and deeply committed to your success. Together we will strive for exceptional results.

Settling for mediocrity is not my approach; even in the face of intricate and complex challenges, I am determined to find solutions. Let's meet obstacles head-on and make the seemingly impossible a reality.


Co-founder of Arte dell' Anima | Psychologist | Psychotherapist (BIG) | 4D-System Coach® | Trainer | Executive coach | Poet Ewoud Dekker

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