ewoud dekker executive systemic coach

Inspiring systemic 1 on 1 VIP Day, Trajectories, multi-day Retreats and Presentations for personal and professional development

Experience the freedom to live and work authentically inspired. Rediscover your systemic balance, connecting with an ever-changing world.

1 on 1

Gain deep self-awareness and insight into your interactions with the world around you. Uncover in a VIP Day valuable knowledge and actionable strategies tailored to address your specific questions.

Executive Retreat

This multi-day executive systemic retreat is a great choice if you want a transformational boost to unlock your true potential in a very short time.

Executive trajectory

In my Executive Systemic Trajectory you will receive tailor-made one-on-one, goal-oriented executive coaching over a mutually determined period.

Interactive Presentations

Ewoud Dekker MSc provides inspiring lectures and interactive presentations for organizations, government and business, about the "Blueprint of Happiness"

My mission is to empower creative, driven and entrepreneurial people with deep insight into the systemic dimensions that contribute to personal happiness, success and meaning

For it takes courage to authentically define your position, stay in connection with the other and communicate the true value of yourself and your company or organization. And as an involved entrepreneur or manager for government or non-profit organization, you want to continue to grow personally and professionally.

You carry many and varied responsibilities, at different levels and interact with all sorts of personalities almost 24/7.
Flexibility, a good self-understanding and the ability to work in an interactive manner are decisive factors.

You must also be diplomatic and decisive, have patience and be able to act at lightning speed. Being able to clearly communicate your authentic motivation and intention is important for your results. But the most important thing is to remain authentic and be aware of your personal core qualities.

A transformational vision of the blueprint of happiness

With 35 years of experience, Ewoud Dekker is the inspired expert in the field of psychological and 4D-Systemic ® change processes.

My unique 4D-Systemic Analysis ® methodology helps you quickly understand the specific blueprint of systemic and psychological dimensions and their interactions, that contribute to success or failure in change processes and paradoxical developments.

This enables you to discover how to find the best balance for personal and professional flexibility while staying connected to an ever-changing world.

It is my area of expertise to help you realise precisely the desired and decisive change in the dimensions of your blueprint of stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions.

As a result, you unlock your full personal and professional potential and experience more meaning and decisiveness.

Owner of Arte dell' Anima | Psychologist | Psychotherapist (BIG) | 4D-System Coach @| Trainer |Executive coach |

Eigenaar van Arte dell’ Anima | Psycholoog | Psychotherapeut (BIG) | 4D-Systeem Coach @| Trainer |Executive coach | Verander Dimensies Specialist

New Times are calling for a new holistic and circulational vision of systemic coaching that will do justice to your personal story, in an ever-changing world

You will learn to mobilise other dimensions of your personality

As new times call for a new approach to coaching and therapy that respects your unique story and experiences on your journey.

And the perceptions, solutions and tools for personal issues must also be in tune with the pace and colour of today.

Together with my wife and colleague, I developed a 4D- Systemic® method that works with the blueprint of your stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions.

As a result, you will learn to use other dimensions of your personality, seeing out-of-the-box solutions and unleashing the power of both reason and imagination.

You will learn to mobilise other dimensions of your personality